Leading economically and impacting socially

Our mission is to be the leading advisor and impact partner on economic and social sustainability.

Sustainability in business is defined by the effect companies have on the environment and on society. There are three pillars involved, Environment, Economic and Social. Economic and Social sustainability are core parts of a comprehensive sustainability approach.

We integrate the United Nations Social Development Goals and design strategies so our clients are catalysts for change. From supplier diversity, sustainable supply chains to green innovation, our team will ensure the right ESG standards are in place, so your company can focus on doing business that is profitable and impactful.

Sustainability and ESG Strategy Design

Companies that do not have a sustainability strategy are simply being left behind. Net-Zero, Climate Change and the Environment are the only focus for a number of companies. However, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Investors, Shareholders, Customers and Consumers are requiring companies to do more economically and socially. Build Global can partner with your teams to design and embed economic and social sustainability strategies while ensuring the right ESG standards are in place.

Sustainable Supply Chains

Today the world is experiencing the impacts of supply chains that aren’t sustainable. At Build Global, we know that building a diverse supplier ecosystem is a competitive advantage and critical to future business success. We support our clients with running diagnostics to assess how sustainable and diverse their supply chain is. We use the Build Global Sustainability Maturity Model to provide recommendations, design sourcing strategies and build partnerships to ensure value is created across the chain. A fundamental component to sustainable and diverse supply chains is inclusive procurement. We work with Chief Financial Officers, Chief Procurement Officers and Chief Operating Officers to support the development of their teams to produce “in-house” experts.

Supplier Diversity

Building a diverse supplier ecosystem is a competitive advantage and critical to future business success. We help clients understand how to make their procurement inclusive, the right supplier strategy for their business, put a structure in place or upgrade an existing one . Our professional approach and longstanding expertise informs winning strategies and the structuring of an effective supplier diversity model that uses best practice and enhances business performance.

As well as working with you to establish a supplier diversity strategy, we can support you with bespoke activities, such as curated supplier diversity roadshows. We believe a diverse supply chain is the step change in corporate strategies that maintains a competitive advantage and brings innovation for business success.

Sustainability Programme Management

We know that true change takes time and resources. Our team of associates programme manage existing sustainability projects and work-streams. We bring our expertise and simplify the complexity to ensure stakeholders are managed and deadlines are met.