Negotiating for Business Success
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An experiential workshop for business leaders who want to create value and win-win deals.
by Sabrina Clarke-Okwubanego Managing Partner, Build Global

Sabrina Clarke-Okwubanego
Sabrina Clarke-Okwubanego Managing Partner, Build Global

About the Workshop

Negotiating for business success is a core business, leadership, and management skill. Business negotiations are critical because it’s about the deal and building relationships within the deal-making process. Creating value while negotiating a win-win does not happen without planning and skilful execution.

Negotiation for business success is an experiential workshop designed to equip participants with the fundamentals of negotiations. This session is not a step-by-step guide on how to negotiate, rather, participants work through a framework and simulations to refine their authentic style. Participants will learn in a challenging, insightful, safe and fun environment.

Negotiating for business success is an investment for participants who understand the opportunity cost of leaving money on the table is high.

Topics Covered

In this experiential workshop, participants will learn:

Negotiation Characteristics

What exactly is a negotiation situation, the common perceptions, and pitfalls?

Negotiation Planning

Why skilfully planning a negotiation is fundamental to creating value and how to execute effectively?

Negotiation Framework

A practical framework to craft win-win deals.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for entrepreneurs, sole traders, creatives, employees, founders, and leaders who want to create value and win-wins at the negotiating table.

**Previous negotiation experience is not required; however professional and business experience is. This is not a coaching or training session, it is a workshop experience that equips participants**

What Participants Say?

"Attend! It can be applied in all aspects of life, even beyond business"
"Be open to new experiences and leave any preconceptions of your negotiation skills behind"
"Definitely do. If you’re already great at negotiating, you’ll identify an area for improvement"
"Take notes"!

What You Should Know

Purchase of Negotiating for business success is non-refundable

The workshop closes ten minutes after the start time. Once the workshop is closed late participants will not be able to enter due to how the session is structured. Negotiating for business success is non-refundable, please plan accordingly.

The workshop is delivered virtually and is highly interactive.

For Companies

Negotiating for Business Success is available as a company workshop. Please contact us, if you would like to run a session for your organisation.