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We are committed to building sustainable companies

Build Global is a strategy firm

We provide companies with Strategy, Transformation and Sustainability services.

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Competitive strategies and change are the new normal. Whether it’s simplifying, acquiring, growing, or process improving, having the right strategy is a competitive advantage. We partner with leaders to design strategies that deliver value and keep our clients competitive.


Sustainability strategies are no longer the bullet points of a powerpoint presentation. Investors, Customers and Consumers are expecting companies to not only be environmentally responsible but economically and socially impactful. Our expertise is business sustainability with a niche in social and economic sustainability and the supply chain. We ensure our clients get the results of a strategy that integrates the triple bottom line.

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Transformation and Change are the new normal. Whether it is business, digital or both, Leadership decisions come with transformation programmes. We partner with our clients to simplify the process by designing, programme and change managing the implementation.

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