We simplify complexity

We provide support to leaders, through advice and oversight, during major transformative activities such as target operating models, joint ventures, M&A and digital transformations.

Working with us gives your company the advantage of a fresh perspective and valuable industry insights that can inform and guide your direction through the transition. Using industry-leading methodologies, we ensure that our input is both relevant and productive throughout the entire transformation process.

Transformation Strategy

Transformation is the new normal. We understand how tough the process can be on any company. By working with Build Global, leaders can trust that their major transformations can be simplified. We develop strategies for business or digital transformations that are bespoke, combined with industry insights and impartial advice that gives your company a competitive advantage.are

Programme Management

In order for transformations to live outside of PowerPoint documents, the right teams need to be in place to deliver. Our team keep it simple. Whether its Waterfall, Agile or a Hybrid, our associates have the expertise to establish programme principles, governance and the methodology to work flexibly for the successful delivery of a transformation programme.

Change Management

Preparing a company for organisational change sometimes is the last part of a transformation although change management is one of the critical success factors of a programme. Our experts will equip your leaders with the tools and resources they need to lead change effectively. Using industry leading change management methodologies, we will work with the programme in an integrated way to manage and embed the change, ensuring benefits are realised.


Build Global offers a high level, strategy-based advisory service for businesses of all sizes, operating across a wide range of global sectors. Our tailored, professional approach covers key commercial areas of strategy, including corporate strategy, growth strategy, market entry design and advice, and strategic planning.

We drive the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit with a focus on social and economic sustainability and the supply chain.

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