Build Global Briefs are sessions that provide insights and thought leadership about business trends, with a view on crucial social and economic business sustainability impacts. Build Global Briefs is a future-focused, innovative and first-of-its-kind event that brings thought leadership and roundtable discussions to business trends with a social and economic business sustainability lens. 

Build Global Briefs are free sessions, primarily conducted face-to-face and under the Chatham House rule. A limited number of spaces are available and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. The sessions are not recorded, and the presentations are not shared.

Past Build Global Briefs

Hostile takeovers: How benevolent AI and Grassfields lost control

How BenevolentAI and Grass-Fields lost control. BenevolentAI, an AI-powered drug developer, faced a founder-led board revolt, New York operation closures, and staff layoffs as stocks and profits tumbled. Grass-Fields, an African Fashion e-commerce retailer, opened its doors to investors who literally took over the company, ousted its Founders and lost its core customers. How did BenevolentAI and Grass-Fields lose control?

AI the sabvage that saves event banner

AI saves jobs. AI cuts jobs. AI is fundamental to future learning. AI has a detrimental impact on learning. AI is an enabler. AI is a barrier. AI will save us. AI is coming for us all. We need AI to process data. AI is too intrusive with our data. AI is a savage and a saviour; how can both co-exist in a changing global world? Should it?

The battle is over did supplier diversity lose
The return on investment of Supplier Diversity ranges from profitability, innovation, and brand affinity to equity. However, implementing and embedding supplier diversity and defining a diverse supplier has been a consistent challenge for the UK and Europe. Between competing priorities, the focus on climate, the rise of supplier derivatives and an evolving legal and regulatory landscape, there has been a battle; the question is, did Supplier Diversity lose?