Future-proofing, a company was not always synonymous with transformation and sustainability. Companies have always understood the importance of a strategy, but the building blocks required to make the business last were viewed as an option, not a requirement.
Build Global’s objective is to embed the three fundamental building blocks of companies, strategy, transformation and sustainability. The ability to strategies, change and be sustainable draws out the innovation, leadership and impact of companies of the future.
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Who We Are

We are a boutique strategy management consultancy. We are purpose-driven, values-led, with a global reach. We are not defined by how ‘it’ was done before. We lead, innovate and deliver with the highest level of professionalism, excellence, rigor and simplicity.

How we work

We partner with our clients to create and deliver long-term impact for their companies. We are nimble, scaling up or down as required. From C-Suite to Senior Leadership teams, we form integrated partnerships ensuring there is clarity and accountability. Our framework and methodologies are data-driven and add value.
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Our Responsibility

We believe contributing to society in a meaningful way is our responsibility. We developed the Build Global Fund to break the barrier of access to capital. We invest in companies and organizations that are led by or support underrepresented groups. Recipients of the fund are researched and selected by our team. The Build Global Fund is financed by 5% of Build Global’s revenue.