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I would like to thank you and Build Global for an amazing 6 week journey, discovering the realms of possibilities, using realistic and practical methods to propel my business from where I currently am to where I want to be!

/CEO, London

Welcome to the gig economy

The term ‘gig economy’ has been around for just over a decade now, ever since it emerged out of the 2008/09 financial crisis. The idea that task-based working and the rise of individual entrepreneurship and one-off projects would become such a key factor in the global economy would have been unthinkable while the banks and ... Read more ...
Supplier Diversity Shown by Wooden Characters

Why your business needs a supplier diversity programme

Establishing diverse supply chains and protocols is not hard or complicated; it requires a strategy, and the rewards can be manifold. Supplier diversity can bring a broader and richer pool of expertise, agility, and innovation to enhance and inform every one of the businesses involved. Having a supplier diversity approaches good for the planet and ... Read more ...

The 5 best payroll options for small businesses

OnPay doesn’t have all the tools and adds ons that Intuit offers, but in exchange, it provides a simple pricing model with the straightforward payroll necessities that especially small businesses need. Did you know that 1 in every 3 small business owners gets penalized by the IRS for payroll errors? Here are five of the ... Read more ...

Doing the right thing: how to build an ethical supplier database

Ethical procurement has become big news across many industry sectors, with the way that a supplier conducts its business and treats its own employees as significant a deciding factor as its prices and profit margins for many companies involved in the tendering process. Ethical sourcing has a number of advantages, including encouraging suppliers to work ... Read more ...

New Year, new direction? How change management can help your business make the most of 2021

Does your business have lots of ideas about how to change? Have you drawn up an ambitious list of New Year’s resolutions to help your company make the most of 2021? We all use the impetus of the old year coming to an end to state our good intentions and ways in which we are ... Read more ...